Top Tips For Charlottesville Exterior House Painting

Charlottesville exterior house painting should be done properly. A good paint job can hold up for well over five years if it is done right the first time. Call the experts at Charlottesville Exterior House Painting we will take the time to choose the right materials and we use only the best tools. Following are some practical tips for anyone who wants to paint the home’s exteriors without the professional help of Charlottesville Exterior House Painting.

Charlottesville Exterior House Painting – Surface Preparation

The exterior of the home will need to be washed before any Charlottesville Exterior House Painting is done. In some cases, this can be quite difficult. Homeowners may need to rent a power washer to remove stubborn dirt and stains. If there is mold growth on the outside walls, this should be completely removed. If not done properly the mold can burn through the new paint job.  Once the walls are washed you should remove any old paint with a scraper. A paint remover can also be applied to the walls to make this job easier. Any holes or uneven surfaces will need to be fixed. It is important for the exterior walls to be completely smooth and well prepared before any Charlottesville Exterior House Painting is done.

If the home was built before 1970, then one should hire a professional such as the Charlottesville Exterior House Painting experts to check for lead paint residue and asbestos. Both of these substances were commonly used in home construction industry in earlier years. Lead and asbestos are extremely harmful to your health and have to be removed by a certified expert before the walls can be caulked, primed or painted.

Once the wall has been scraped clean and the holes have been filled, it is time to apply caulk. Caulk is a substance that provides a non-porous seal for the wall. Caulking the walls will protect humidity from seeping into the concrete. When humidity seeps into concrete walls, the results can be disastrous. In severe cases, the entire wall has to be torn down and rebuilt. Let the experts at Charlottesville Exterior House Painting do the job right – the first time!

Once caulk has been applied, Charlottesville Exterior House Painting experts apply a good quality primer. Primer is important as it ensures the paint job will be even and that the paint will stick to the walls properly. It is advisable to apply at least one coat of primer, although two are preferable to the exterior walls and trim of a home before any Charlottesville Exterior House Painting is done. It is very important to choose the right type of primer for the wall that is to be painted. Latex based primers are the most popular option. They are easy to apply and will dry quickly. This type of primer is the one that Charlottesville Exterior House Painting recommends as it is also durable and easy to clean. However, an oil-based primer is the best option for a home made from wood. If the home’s exterior is to be painted with an oil-based paint, then an oil-based primer should be used.

It is important to allow the primer time to dry. However, a wall will need to painted no less than a week after the primer has been applied. One should take this into consideration when applying primer to the walls. It will most likely take at least several days to paint the entire exterior of a medium sized house. Charlottesville Exterior House Painting will only want to paint the home’s exterior on a reasonably warm day. However, the day does not have to be sunny in order to paint the walls, although the sun will help the paint to dry faster. In fact, one should always paint in the shade, never in direct sunlight.  Need a second opinion – call the Charlottesville Exterior House Painting experts and let us solve your Charlottesville Exterior House Painting issues.

Charlottesville Exterior House Painting and Paint Types

A homeowner will need to choose between water based paint and an oil based paint before commencing any Charlottesville Exterior House Painting job.  If there is still paint on the outside walls, then one should use the same type of paint. A homeowner who is unsure what type of paint was previously used should probably use oil based paint. Latex paints are the most commonly used water paints. They are easy to work with and dry quickly. However, oil based paints are a lot more durable, even though it is difficult to clean the remnants of this paint off of brushes, rollers and other painting equipment.  Let Charlottesville House Painting save you the hassle.

Chalking paint is yet another option. It is a type of alkyd paint that is self cleaning. The rain will wash of a tiny portion of this paint along with any dirt that is stuck on it. However, this type of paint is not suitable for an area that gets little rainfall. Conversely, a house built in an area with plentiful rainfall would not really need this type of paint. Chalking paint is quite expensive, but it can be a good option for a home that is located in an area with average rainfall.  Keep in mind that repainting a house with chalking paint could be a nightmare.  Charlottesville House Painting expertise could make it easy on you.  Just call us or e-mail us.

Charlottesville Exterior House Painting – Painting Equipment

Choosing the right painting equipment is important. It is important to use high quality brushes.  A well made brush should have even bristles for Charlottesville Exterior House Painting, it is also a good option for painting siding.

Spraying the paint on is yet another alternative. This method of painting has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage to spraying the paint on is that it saves a lot of time. However if the Charlottesville exterior house painting is done by spraying, you will still need to use a brush to paint small corners that the sprayer may not have reached. Using a paint sprayer is also really messy.  It is not the preferred method of Charlottesville Exterior House Painting.  We at Charlottesville Exterior House Painting prefer the old brush and roll.  Yep – it takes longer but true craftsmen Charlottesville exterior house painting can get the paint on thicker and more evenly than any cheap spraying job can achieve.

Charlottesville Exterior House Painting understands that painting the exterior of the house is no small job. A person that is doing Charlottesville exterior house painting should take the time to do proper prep work and choose a primer and paint type that is well made and suitable for the home’s exterior.  Need help – call us and let the experts of Charlottesville Exterior House Painting help you

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